How Durable Is Powder Coating?

Manufacturers across multiple industries have come to rely on powder coating to provide reliable, durable finishes for their products. Powder coating is a highly effective method to seal components in order to protect them from the elements and regular wear and tear.

Why Powder Coat Car Parts?

Buying a car or truck is a major investment. Whether vehicle owners need something reliable to get them to work or just plan to enjoy the thrill of zipping down the highway, they want to maximize the value of their vehicles. Therefore, it behooves manufacturers throughout the industry to make their products as durable as possible. It is vital that they choose the best materials, but coatings are also a key contributor to durability.

History Of Powder Coating

Understanding the history of powder coating will help you see how far the technology has come. Click here to learn more.

Types Of Powder Coating

Thanks to its resistance to harsh chemicals and ability to protect against corrosion, powder coating has become one of most popular finishes for heavy-duty equipment. Manufacturers in industries ranging from agriculture to defense utilize this technique to give their offerings superior protection compared to traditional liquid paints. In addition, powder coating’s low VOC content makes it a more ecologically friendly option.

Types Of Nondestructive Testing Methods

Manufacturers need to know that the products and/or parts they provide to customers will perform as intended. This is why nondestructive testing (NDT) is a critical component of their processes. As the name implies, these procedures check the properties of a commodity or material without damaging it.

Why Get Professional Finishing?

Industrial finishing is any kind of secondary process done to metal or plastic. A professional finish can provide aesthetics and environmental protection. Industrial finishing options include liquid, powder and plating. These processes require precise techniques and highly specialized materials to produce the best overall results. For this reason, it’s imperative to call upon the services of a professional.

Powder Coating Pretreatment Process

Manufacturers across a wide array of industries are turning to powder coating as their preferred method to protect their equipment. That’s because the process ensures better adhesion and coverage compared to traditional wet paint applications. With industrial powder coating, the completed piece has a highly durable finish that can resist numerous environmental and chemical hazards. It’s no wonder, then, that the procedure has become standard for agriculture, defense and automotive sectors.

Powder Coating Benefits

Over the last few decades, the practice of powder coating has become one of the more popular finishing methods in manufacturing. A wide range of industries including defense, household appliances, agriculture and automotive have adopted it to provide high-quality finishes to their products. Although there still are many instances where traditional wet paint applications can fulfill this purpose, utilizing powders can deliver better performance in numerous ways.

How Military Standards Differ For Finishes

cleaning and pretreatmentIndustrial coatings take protection a step further than the paints you can find at your average hardware store. Military finishes, which have to keep troops and their equipment safe in actively hostile conditions, go beyond even the most rigorous requirements in the commercial realm. Yet how exactly do these differ from other, more common types of finishes?

What You Need To Know About Automotive Finishing

For many car owners, their vehicle’s paint job is one of its most important features. They may spend hours every weekend giving it the care it needs to look showroom-new for as long as possible. Others may only think about their car’s finish when choosing a color at the dealership. But no matter how much thought you put into your car’s exterior, a lot of thinking goes into its finish behind the scenes. That’s because automotive finishes are an essential means of protecting your vehicle from corrosion and other damage. Here are some of the essential facts you should know about the process and why it matters so much.