We have the experience and capabilities to provide finishing for industries across virtually all areas of manufacturing. Our customers turn to us because they know we can deliver coatings that can withstand the most punishing conditions. Our status as a TACOM-certified company with the United States military proves that we can provide the highest levels of protection for components and equipment in the most demanding situations and environments. To see what we can do for your business, request a quote today.

We can provide painting and powder coating for industries such as:


All cars and trucks depend on high-quality finishes for aesthetics and protection from the elements. Commercial and military vehicles, on the other hand, require protection of a higher caliber. The rugged environments and hazardous materials they ...

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Military Defense

Manufacturers serving the military and defense sectors have some of the highest standards of any industry — and for good reason. Lives literally hang in the balance depending on the reliable performance of their products. That’s why they need a co...

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Manufacturers sell more than finished products — they sell promises. They want their customers to have confidence that the items they purchase will meet their expectations for performance and longevity. Quality industrial coatings play a ver...

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Construction Equipment

Heavy-duty construction equipment is made from some of the most durable materials on Earth, but that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. Exposure to the rough conditions of a job site introduces sand, dirt and water to its surfaces. This l...

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Aerospace manufacturers depend on aircraft coatings that do more than give their jets, missiles and space vehicles a distinctive look. When it comes to aerospace, coatings also enable these machines to achieve faster speeds and greater fuel econom...

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Heavy Truck

The biggest trucks take on the toughest jobs. Whether they’re hauling materials around a construction site or bringing massive equipment to a mine, these vehicles work in some of the harshest conditions and are constantly subject to abrasion...

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Few people work as hard as farmers. While modern technology has made their work easier, agriculture still means long hours and physical exertion under the sun. Farming equipment works just as hard as the people who use it. That means agricultural ...

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