Automotive Finishing

Auto manufacturers know how important it is for new cars to have that showroom look — and pristine automotive finishes are a key means of achieving it. No matter if the car is new or just needs to look new, its finish is probably the first feature people notice. Whether parts manufacturers, body shops or any other companies involved in the process of building and caring for vehicles, our customers know to turn to Rhinehart Finishing for outstanding automotive finishes that will keep cars looking their best while protecting them from the elements.

As a leader in finishing and coating services across a broad spectrum of industries, we have the proficiency necessary to provide high-quality service to the automotive industry. We understand that its needs are among the most demanding and important of any sector. Further, we strive to provide the absolute best service to meet those requirements.

Here’s a sample of the comprehensive car painting services we offer for our clients in this market:

  • Mechanical Cleaning/Pretreatment — Utilizing the most advanced manual and automated techniques, we can thoroughly prepare surfaces for coating and finishing. Our zinc phosphate pretreatment system is certified by the Department of Defense and is available to our commercial clientele as well as our military customers.
  • Liquid Spray Paint Services — We offer the most versatile automotive finish paint service in the industry, featuring environmentally friendly paint booths capable of handling part sizes up to 12’ X 3’ X 6’. Our state-of-the-art automated and manual lines can handle small, intricate parts as well as larger ones.
  • Powder Coating — Offering superior coating and protection to parts, our automotive powder coating services ensure parts are fully protected against the elements as well as regular wear and tear. Our status as a TACOM-approved combat-grade powder coating applicator means we offer the most advanced and high-quality powder coatings for cars.

Choose Rhinehart Finishing for Exceptional Results

A high-quality finish does more than guarantee that a car looks good — it guarantees that it will hold up under harsh conditions for the long term. Manufacturers want to assure buyers that their vehicles will look good for years, and we’re the car coating company with the capability to help them keep their promises.

We’re proud of the leadership position we’ve held for decades, and we know that maintaining it requires dedication and hard work. You can see our commitment to excellence in our state-of-the-art facilities, our exceptionally qualified employees and our extensive qualifications. For instance, our TACOM status underscores how seriously we take our responsibilities to those we serve. It stands as a clear example of the dedication with which we approach every aspect of our work.

Take a look at what we have to offer in the way of car coating services and contact us today to learn more.