Medical Equipment Coatings

Quality is important in every industry, but it takes on a whole new level of meaning when it comes to the medical equipment sector. Lives may literally hang in the balance depending on the performance of medical equipment. That’s why manufacturers need to be able to guarantee that their products will be fully protected and ready to serve medical professionals under even the harshest conditions. With our thorough understanding of what it takes to finish and coat precision instruments, there’s no one better suited to serve the industry with medical device coatings than Rhinehart Finishing.

Rhinehart Finishing has provided the highest-quality industrial coating and finishing services to a wide variety of industries for decades. We leverage that extensive experience and expertise to serve our customers’ needs, no matter what they are. We understand the unique demands of the health care equipment sector and deliver the best possible results for our customers with medical grade coatings that meet and exceed their most exacting requirements.

Our wide-ranging services make us one of the premier medical coating companies serving the industry. Here’s a brief sample of everything we provide:

  • Mechanical Cleaning/Pretreatment: Our zinc phosphate pretreatment system yields the best possible adhesion for medical device finishing, so finishes will stand up to repeated use. We utilize the most advanced manual and automated cleaning and pretreatment techniques in the industry.
  • Liquid Spray Paint Services: Rhinehart Finishing offers the most complete painting service for this sector, with environmentally friendly paint booths capable of handling part sizes up to 12’ X 3’ X 6’. Our automated and manual paint lines can handle both small parts and larger ones.
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating often provides superior protection for parts and components. With Rhinehart Finishing’s powder coating services, equipment is protected in virtually all situations. Our status as a TACOM-approved, combat-grade powder coating applicator means we provide the highest-quality and most advanced services in the industry.

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It isn’t just important for the equipment used by health care providers to stand up to wear and tear — it can make the difference between life and death. Manufacturers serving this industry need to be certain their devices will last as long as possible under the most adverse conditions. With medical coatings from Rhinehart Finishing, that’s exactly what they receive.

More than 70 years of industry experience enable us to provide the highest-quality results for our clients. From our state-of-the-art facilities, we deliver solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. We’re proud of our status as a TACOM-approved applicator because it underscores the dedication, durability and devotion we bring to every job we perform.

Take a look at everything we can do for the medical device sector and contact us today to learn how we can help you.