Military-Grade Paint

Manufacturers serving the military and defense sectors have some of the highest standards of any industry — and for good reason. Lives literally hang in the balance depending on the reliable performance of their products. That’s why they need a coating and finishing services provider that can meet the challenge of living up to those high standards consistently. As one of the leading providers of mil spec painting services and military powder coating, Rhinehart Finishing has earned a strong reputation for delivering the best-quality results for customers in the military and defense sectors. Our extensive expertise in mil spec coatings means we can deliver military coatings that protect equipment as well as the men and women in uniform who use it.

Our military-grade coating and finishing services includes Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) powder coating, which resists absorption of chemical agents while offering the strongest protection against corrosion and wear. Our rigorous processes and superior quality are why we’re proud to be certified as a TACOM-approved combat-grade powder coat applicator.

Here is a summary of the many finishing and coating services we provide for our customers serving the military and defense sectors:

  • Mechanical Cleaning/Pretreatment: Utilizing the most advanced manual and automated techniques, we can prepare surfaces for coating and finishing. Our zinc phosphate pretreatment system is certified by the Department of Defense and offers the highest-quality prep for surfaces before coatings are applied. This ensures that the coatings have the best possible adhesion to the components and offer optimal protection.
  • Liquid Spray Paint Services: We offer the most complete military-grade paint services in the industry, featuring environmentally friendly paint booths capable of handling part sizes up to 12’ X 3’ X 6’. Our state-of-the-art automated and manual lines can handle small, intricate parts as well as larger ones.
  • Powder Coating: Offering superior coating and protection to parts, mil spec powder coating services from Rhinehart Finishing ensure parts are completely protected against the elements as well as regular wear and tear. Our status as a TACOM-approved combat-grade powder coating applicator means we offer the most advanced and high-quality powder coating services in the industry.

Perhaps no industry has higher standards for quality than manufacturing for the military and defense sectors, and we understand why. As a provider of wide-ranging finishing services for the military and defense industries, Rhinehart Finishing has the capability to deliver combat-grade coatings that can meet all the industry’s needs.