Mechanical Cleaning / PreTreatment

Mechanical Cleaning / PreTreatment

At Rhinehart Finishing, we utilize automated and manual blasting equipment for product surface profile preparation, as well as for the removal of unwanted coatings on products. We use a variety of media for blasting.

Zinc Phosphate Pretreatment

Our state-of-the-art zinc phosphate pretreatment system offers you the best of all worlds by providing high-quality cleaning and surface preparation. Our zinc phosphate is certified by the Department of Defense System to TT-C-490, Type 1 — a service not only enjoyed by our military customers, but also by our commercial customers.

Other Pretreatment Options

We offer additional pretreatment options as well, including chromate conversion of plating. We have a network of qualified and certified plating houses that work closely with us to meet all your needs. Additionally, we are in the process of adding passivation and non-hex chromate pretreatment systems to our facility.

“Rhinehart is one of our most trusted finishers — we have a close partnership with them.”

- Business Owner from Fort Wayne, IN