Lean Manufacturing Services

Program Management

In an era when every minute and every dollar counts, Rhinehart Finishing is your solution to the management of too many suppliers. through logistics and supply chain management. Every operation performed outside your plant costs time and money. Transportation to each vendor costs time and money. Multiple vendors cause an enormous amount of stress for your purchasing department. The solution is: ONE VENDOR, and that vendor is Rhinehart Finishing with their manufacturing execution system.

After all processes are completed, shipped back and forth, and finally accomplished, the product moves to the customer. Disadvantages of the current process are:

  • Lost time in transit back and forth to outsourced companies
  • Increased potential for damage during handling
  • Purchasing department is required to issue multiple Purchase Orders and monitor several vendors
  • Excessive freight costs

With Rhinehart’s integrated solution, a single vendor performs all processes in the manufacturing flow. Advantages to working with Rhinehart Finishing's lean manufacturing consultants are:

  • No lost time in transit back and forth to multiple sources
  • Less product handling
  • Purchasing issues only one Purchase Order and monitors a single vendor
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Customer takes advantage of Rhinehart’s manufacturing sister company, Rhinehart Development

"We have great communication with Rhinehart — it’s like dealing with someone in our own company."

- Customer from Butler, IN